Gala 84″ Panel – Heritage Lace 8230E-6084, 8230S-6084

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60″ wide x 84″ drop, Color: Ecru: 8230E-6084, Silver Sage: 8230S-6084. Fringe may be cut to length. Rod slots. 5.5″ Fringe included in stated dimension. To shorten fringe, cut to desired length with sharp scissors. Medium-gauge lace. Made in USA. 100% polyester. Hand wash in cold water with mild soap. Do not bleach. Take care not to tangle fringes (band long fringes together for easier handling). Hang, gently separate fringes and allow to air dry.

An appropriate finishing touch in a parlor or any traditional or Victorian setting. Make a striking statement with fashionable fringe that complements the motif of stylized flowers and leaves. The fringe may be trimmed to length. Made in U.S.A.

Gala, Home Textiles, Panels, Rod Slots, Romantic, Window Treatments

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